Catching Up With No-Toil Athlete Patrick Evans

Although he grew up in North Carolina riding and racing against some of today’s top stars in moto like Cooper Webb and Jordan Smith, Patrick Evans is better known for his work off the bike than on it. A quick stint at camera work during a visit to Joe Gibbs Racing sparked a passion for videography in him that quickly led to Evans traveling the world to document some of the best athletes in surfing, BMX and motocross.

Today, Evans resides in California, the epicenter of the motocross industry, and he’s itching to get back on his bike but this time in front of the camera. Fresh off his California Vacation, we caught up with the newly turned free rider to find out more about his plans for 2020 and his experience with No-Toil products.

No-Toil: What made you want to go from behind the camera lens to in front of it?

Patrick Evans: Fun is probably the main reason. Filming is fun too, but right now, I just feel like I’m supposed to be putting all my effort into riding, so that’s what I’m going to keep doing for the next year or two and see where it goes.

NT: Where is your favorite place to ride and why?

PE: Beaumont would be number one. Some of the most fun jumps are there, and its just rad how big it is and how far into the hills you can ride.

NT: What are your plans for 2020? Any big races or free ride trips in the works?

PE: I’ve been thinking about doing Supercross Futures and getting my points for reasons I don’t even know. My main goal would be X Games Real Moto and Best Whip, but that’s a tough gig to get, so we’ll see what happens. Other than that, I plan to keep making content, maybe riding Hawaii Supercross again and the AMA Supermoto series.

NT: Bike work is easily the least fun part about moto, how have No-Toil products helped make maintaining your bike easier?

PE: Having support from No-Toil definitely makes life easier. When it comes time for a new air filter, I can easily swap out the dirty one for a new pre-oiled one straight from the bag and be ready to rock in minutes.


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