Eagle Grit and No-Toil Collaboration

Motorcycle maintenance can get messy. Wouldn’t you agree?

We’ve found the worst part of it all is after all the work is done – getting your hands clean so you don’t look like a complete grease monkey.

Not too far back our buddy Daniel Blair, former Supercross and Arenacross racer turned Monster Energy Supercross broadcaster, came by the office to share some products from a new endeavor called Eagle Grit. No-Toil and Daniel have a long relationship dating back to his racing days where we sponsored him on multiple occasions throughout his career. We love to see a fellow NoCal buddy and were excited to check out his Eagle Grit products.

Daniel Blair 2015 Arenacross Lites West Champion

It wasn’t but a day after we stocked the office with Eagle Grit that employees were commenting on the hand cleaner and how it had no problem getting off oils and grease while not drying out their hands. If this was a big deal for our employees to bring their feedback on the product, we knew we had to get it into the hands of our customers.

We worked with Eagle Grit and developed the No-Toil Hand Cleaner.

It is developed with no harsh solvents or skin-pummeling pumice, and if you know us the fewer solvents the better! It’s water activated and includes a moisturizing additive that will leave your skin soft. The neutral “clean” scent kills the unpleasant odor and is eco-friendly in and around the home or shop. Yes, we love this as a home cleaner, too!

The Hand Cleaner works on grease, grime, oil and more with the best part – it’s made right here in the U.S.A! If you couldn’t already tell, we are VERY excited to be bringing our loyal customers this product and hope you have the same experience as our employees did.

Find out more about the No-Toil Hand Cleaner HERE.

No-Toil Hand Cleaner



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