Buy a Castle HVAC Filter, Get a No Toil Filter for FREE!

You Put Foam Filters in Your Dirt Bike…
Why Would You Put a Paper Filter in Your Home?

UPDATE: Castle Filters now available on!

Purchases of Castle Filter HVAC Products on will allow for the 100% Free purchase of ONE air filter from, during the same transaction.

  1. Choose your Castle Filter size & Add to Cart.
  2. Fin your NoToil filter via the Vehicle Finder in the Sidebar & Add to Cart
  3. Browse for the additional apparel, chain lube or accessories you need.
  4. Head to checkout where you should see your selected Castle Filter & one of your NoToil filters discounted 100%.
  5. Proceed with checkout!

Buy A Castle Filter

Purchases totaling $49 or more in the lower 48 States will still qualify for free shipping.

Original Post, Now Obsolete. Customers with existing purchases & coupons, this will still functions as originally posted.

Castle Filters, is the NEW 1 Year HVAC filter technology & design that saves your wallet & the environment a lot of undue stress. Maximum stopping power without sacrificing airflow. We want to extend an offer to our loyal & dedicated No Toil customers. From now until June 1st, if you buy a Castle HVAC filter – your delivery will include a coupon for 1 FREE Air Filter from All customers will be added to a list of customers approved for a discount of up to $30 on for the purchase of products under “Air Filters” only and does not cover chemicals, accessories, etc. This one time use coupon will be tied to your email address.