No-Toil and JGRMX – Interview with Chad Reed’s Mechanic Ben Schiermeyer

No-Toil has been a supporter of multi-time Supercross and motocross champion Chad Reed since the Australian launched his own privateer effort in 2018. But when he got a ride with the JGRMX/Yoshimura/Suzuki Factory Racing team, No-Toil wanted to keep the relationship alive. Fast forward to 2019 and No-Toil signed on to be the official filter sponsor of the factory team and able to continue its support of Reed.

Keeping the 2-2 machine running in top condition was mechanic Ben Schiermeyer. New to the No-Toil brand, we caught up with Ben in between testing sessions to find out more about his 2019 season and his experience with No-Toil products. 

No-Toil: You had never used No-Toil products prior to this year. What was your initial thought of the products you worked with?

Ben Schiermeyer: I thought the quality was good and the filters were super easy to clean. We wash them and then we re-oil them with the Classic No-Toil filter oil. I like that they aren’t overly sticky like others tend to be.

chad reed suzuki

NT: Supercross loves to throw in their infamous sand sections – the one in Atlanta being particularly bad and then there’s Daytona, obviously. How did everything hold up in those sandy conditions?

BS: Everything held up great! There wasn’t any dirt that came through the filter at all. Just as an added precaution, one thing we did adjust at those races was we changed out the filter more frequently than normal just to be on the safe side. But I think it would have been fine. 

NT: Have you been able to try out our new Hand Cleaner we created with EagleGrit? 

BS: Yes, I’ve used it a ton because we have it all over the shop and in the truck. It works really well, especially with how greasy my hands get.

NT: What has been the most memorable part of the season for you working with Chad Reed?

BS: I’d have to say the podium in Detroit was pretty awesome. We did a lot of testing in the week leading up to that race and seeing it pay off makes all the hard work worth it. It’s a great feeling to see Chad be where I think he can be week in and week out. 

NT: Are there any mechanic tricks/tips that No-Toil customers should know?

BS: For the filters, the only thing I would really recommend is making sure the cage and the filter are meshed together and then checking to make sure the filter hasn’t come off the cage when you tighten the screw. You should be good if you check those things. 

Thanks, Ben!


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