The No-Toil Difference For Your 2019 Yamaha YZ450F/250F

Making life easier while also improving the performance of your motorcycle are two hallmarks of the No-Toil brand.

Our latest product offering focuses on the 2019 Yamaha YZ450F and YZ250F and addressing some of the challenges our fellow riders have encountered with the stock filter setup.

Just what are they saying?

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Been waiting to post all these pictures, (had to put time on it and see it to believe it) but tonight I took another one apart and it's always the same story. Owner of 2019 YZ250f, awesome bikes, probably the best one out there. But this air filter setup is getting a 1 star review from me. It's not if it's going to suck dirt, it's when it will suck dirt. They all do it. And what comes after you suck dirt… valves, seat job, piston kit…$$$$ I might be re-inventing the wheel here, but this setup works. Thank you to my friend @juniorjacksonracing for pushing me on trying this. Now I believe. Haha. More snappy, way more over-rev, covered by this nice skin, way less maintenance, bike sounds like a fire breather, it's like a WHY NOT in my book. Have a few guys putting time on it in SX and MX and everyone is stoked on it. PM me if you want more info. Quick turn around on modification of throttle body. Shipped back to you and easy to install. #yz250f

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Well, according to well-respected builder Luc Caouette, he’s giving the stock filter 1 star saying “It’s not if it’s going to suck dirt, it’s when it will suck dirt.”

Getting anything in your engine is a no-no. Thankfully No-Toil has the answer!

The No-Toil Super-Flo Kit will put your fears to rest. The kit uses a screen-less cage that will increase airflow thanks for more surface area of the air filter. Even with the screen-less cage, the No-Toil air filter is greatly protected.

To easily take your protection a step further, you might be interested in the No-Toil Bike Wash Kit. This injection molded plastic cover will safely keep water from entering the intake during washes.

If you take your bike purchase seriously, making even the smallest update – like a No-Toil air filter and bike wash kit – will help keep your bike from costly repairs in the long run.

To get the Super-Flo Kit for your 2018-2019 Yamaha YZ450F or 2019 YZ250F, CLICK HERE

CLICK HERE to get the Bike Wash Kit


  1. Nick February 6, 2019 Reply

    Best upgrade you can do to your new generation YZF dirt bike! Especially for longevity, I have had this on my bike for about 40 hours and there is zero dirt that gets by this system!

  2. Wayne February 15, 2019 Reply

    I work with Jason a Raines in the Yamaha demo program. We run filter skins on all of our bikes. When the 2018 YZ450 came in we scratched our heads and wondered how we were going to make a filter last 6 hours during a demo day. Jason’s solution was to stretch a filter skin over the filter frame. We always oil our filter skins and have no problem.

    I’ll forward your solution over to Jason and see what he thinks.

    Thanks for all your great products!

    • Ryan Jensen February 18, 2019 Reply

      Thanks for the support & help Wayne!

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