The No Toil Story

The No Toil Story


Founded in 1998 No-Toil’s main objective was to simplify air filter maintenance. By ditching the gasoline’s & solvents we were able to formulate a system that was not only easier to use, but safer on your air filter and the environment. No-Toil is a product created by motorcycles riders intending to offer convenience and peace of mind to our fellow riders. We pride ourselves on being the only biodegradable and completely non-toxic formula available.

Ditch the solvents! Use faster, safer No-Toil Biodegradable Air Filter Treatment System

The Filter Myth

Solvents clean everything out of a petroleum oiled air filter.

Solvents alone will not take all the dirt out of a petroleum oiled air filter. To get all of the dirt out, soap and water must also be used. Prove this to yourself. If you use petroleum oil on your filter, next time after cleaning with solvents, wash your filter in a clear bucket with soap and warm water. You will be astounded at how much dirt is at the bottom of the bucket.