Frequently Asked Questions

Start by washing the filter oiled with petroleum in solvent or gasoline. Follow up with an
additional wash with dish soap and luke-warm water to ensure all the petroleum oil is removed.
Rinse filter thoroughly in water and let dry. Once dry No-Toil foam filter oil can be applied!

Yes, filters can be oiled then stored for later use. We highly recommend storing any filter in a
dark cool place. As heat and sunlight harsh to all foam types.

To clean an air filter treated with No-Toil filter oil, start with 1/4 cup of No-Toil filter cleaner in 1
gallon of warm water. Let the filter soak for a few minutes, then agitate the filter. Within
minutes your filter will be clean. Rinse thoroughly with water and let dry!

Pour filter oil into the inside of the filter then work it towards the outer layer. This ensures the
filter is oiled throughout. Make sure there are no dark oil spots as this means there is too much
and will cause the oil to migrate down into the air-box. Note: an oiled filter should weigh about
the same as an un-oiled filter.

Only No-Toil foam filter cleaner will remove No-Toil filter oil from a foam filter. The No-Toil
treatment system works together as one. During the cleaning process, No-Toil powdered
cleaner naturally transforms the dirty oil into soap. Using a competing filter cleaner or a solvent
on a filter treated with No-Toil oil will not work.

No! No-Toil foam filter oil can only be removed with No-Toil powdered cleaner. Water alone will
not remove the oil from a foam air filter. Test this method yourself by letting No-Toil oil dry on
your hand, then try to wash it off with water.

Yes! This is in-fact how No-Toil got its start. Our founder Bob Jensen wanted the ability to wash
his filters in a washing machine. Which ultimately led to the creation of the No-Toil filter
treatment 1998.